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( Aug. 29th, 2007 11:34 pm)
Been borderline (frequently strayed over, yes) grumpy all day. Came home and curled up with Val McDermid's _The Torment of Others_, which I just finished and am now about to hopefully not blow some cash on ebay.
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( Jun. 16th, 2007 04:34 am)
That was me, for most of the day. Feeling bereft, and feeling guilty for not being happy that Carol has scored what looks like a decent job. I would be doing the Lotto 649 happy dance if only the job were here in town instead of the other side of the island. I was actually close to tears, on several occasions. Kathleen knew I was upset, and suggested going out for lunch; Angela, Nancy & Dave joined us. T. had a meeting... and teased me mercilessly all day. Michelle called me after work to see how I was, and said she thought he was just trying to get me on the go. He & Dave seemed to think the boss had upset me - they didn't realise it was all personal.

Carol, Karen & I went out to dinner; Karen is feeling much as I was, but she doesn't have the history. I changed into a dress (the first time this summer!) and my crocheted cardigan and we went to the Keg, where I had lovely sirloin Oscar (steak with Bechamel, scallops and shrimp) and we drank a bottle of Zinfandel (C & I; K was driving her cute little red Mazda, whose interior matched all my black trimmed with red leather stuff). We had a wonderful waiter and a very pleasant meal, after which we went to the bar at the Marriott for a drink before Carol had to get back to Mount Pearl as Sandy was due in from Corner Brook.

Interestingly, we ran into Angela's husband at the Marriott; the restaurant he works for had just taken over the restaurant concession there. Which is sad because the original kitchen was interesting but I guess it was never busy enough. I liked the quiet, when I ate there, and they had a good bar - the bartender there introduced me to Tanqueray No 10. Tonight, they not only didn't have that, the bartender tonight didn't even offer me a choice of gins, I had to catch his attention to get the Bombay Sapphire over the generic shit and then it turned out he didn't have any tonic - or even soda. I ended up with gin & 7-up.

Had a long chat to Dad after I got home & fell asleep on the sofa watching Law & Order.


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