The haul:


"The Canadian Press Stylebook"
"A Companion to Wolves" - Sarah Monette & Elizabeth Bear
"The Serpent's Tale" - Ariana Franklin
"Whiskey and Water" - Elizabeth Bear
"Ink and Steel" - Elizabeth Bear
"Crooked Little Vein" - Warren Ellis
"Swallowing Darkness" - Laurell K Hamilton
"Generation Loss" - Elizabeth Hand
"The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook"

A blank pocket journal
Some gorgeous black & white wrapping paper


A red leather mini filofax
A cased set of watercolours (I've been threatening to pick up a brush again)
A seagrass filing basket
A set of chrysanthmum-embroidered placemats in nile blue shantung
A set of white sheets with black sea motifs - coral, seahorses, scallop shells, starfish...
A pretty desk folder with week planner sheets, post-its, reminders, etc.
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